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  • What does Google’s new mobile-first indexing mean for my business?
  • Is it necessary to create a separate website for smart phones?
  • How do you attract more Google searchers from mobile devices?

During the past few years, majority of Google searches have come from mobile devices. Recently, the Google has made one of its most dramatic changes. It just announced that its website indexing process will now focus first on mobile websites, instead of websites designed for desktop computers. The impact on your Google rankings could be dramatic and negative. The effect on outdated website designs could be disastrous. Those outdated designs are based on pre-built templates, heavy graphical elements and complex navigation schemes. Every business that relies on internet marketing needs to reexamine its website and search engine optimization strategies. As the leading SEO and web design and neuromarketing firm in Minnesota, we help businesses stay on top of latest Google algorithm updates and ahead of their competition. Our clients who rely on our ongoing SEO, design and content services will see better rankings and stronger search traffic. Here’s what every business owner needs to know:

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Is your company’s website optimized for Google’s mobile ranking algorithms? We can help you find out. We’ll be happy to check it for you at no charge. Just contact us with your URL address. We’ll check to see if it’s mobile-friendly and whether its design is optimized for this new indexing and ranking. We’ll also look at it from an SEO perspective to discover whether it’s getting optimal rankings. We’ll let you know what we find. If we think it needs improvement or isn’t mobile-ready, we’ll tell you that, too. We’ll discuss ways we can help and give you options and price information to consider. There’s no obligation or charge for this analysis and consultation. We want you to succeed with your internet marketing strategies. Ask us for examples of our success stories. Contact us soon to get started.