Neuromarketing Delivers Leads and Sales – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Recent brain research has revealed why traditional marketing often fails to convince consumers to make the BUY decision.

What’s the secret of Amazon and Google’s incredible success? How have they and other internet giants become dominant? The answer is simple: Neuroscience-based marketing. Every successful internet marketing company today has neuroscientists with PhDs from major universities as key marketing department leaders. Neuroscience has recently exploded in scope through research into how the brain works and how people make decisions. Using Functional MRI technology, sophisticated eye-tracking equipment and other advanced techniques, neuroscientists have gained incredible insights into decision-making brain activity. The results are astounding and are revolutionizing marketing methods.

The ONLY Neuromarketing firm in Minnesota can help boost your business bottom line!

Those changes are shaking up the marketing world. They’re affecting what consumers see on their computers and mobile devices. Still, for your Twin Cities business, hiring a professional neuroscientist to guide your internet marketing strategies just isn’t feasible. Or is it? Our web design, SEO, and internet marketing company, based in Minneapolis, is led by Dr. Terry Wu, a neuroscientist who holds a PhD in neuroscience. For two decades, we’ve been using research-driven neuro web design and neuromarketing strategies to help our local and national clients increase their bottom lines. We’ve been here all along. You don’t need a full-time neuroscientist on your staff. You can hire our experienced team to get cost-effective state-of-the-art marketing expertise. Here’s what you need to know about neuromarketing:

Integrating Neuromarketing into SEO and Web Design

Is your current website generating the business growth you need? If you’re like most small to medium-sized businesses, it could be working much better. Why not find out how? If you’re responsible for your firm’s marketing, call us now or click to contact us, and we’ll do an initial analysis of your company’s website from a neuroscience perspective right away. There’s no cost to you, and no obligation. We’ll discuss what we discover with you and give you competitive price information on the cost of our neuromarketing services. You’ll talk directly to our owner, a neuroscientist with 30 years of experience in the field. Whether your business is a local Minneapolis St. Paul company or a national enterprise, we’ll be happy to show you how we can put the power of our deep knowledge of the brain’s decision-making to work for you.