How to Optimize Website Visitor Retention and Conversion

  • Do you know how long a visitor stays at your website?
  • How is your web site different from your competitors’?
  • Why didn’t your high-volume web traffic generate many leads and sales?

Many research studies have shown that most internet users who land on business websites from a Google search results page click the Back button in just seconds and move on to another website listed near the top. This quick departure is measured by website analytics as the “bounce rate.” A high bounce rate means that potential customers are leaving your website quickly from the page they landed on. In most cases, visitors who bounce will never return. No matter how beautiful your website looks and how high its rankings are, failure to convert web traffic into leads and sales means lost opportunities that a business simply can’t afford.

The online marketing professionals at Kick Ass SEO spend a great deal of time studying how and why visitors behave the way they do. Through careful analysis of web analytics data on users’ behavior, we can design websites that incorporate elements of navigation design, content flow, and SEO seamlessly. In order to create a kick-ass lead generation tool, you need the combination of elements, each designed to retain, inform, and convert website visitors. It’s not just about looks; it’s about psychology of selling. Here are top 5 reasons for high bounce rates.

The Psychology of Online Retention and Conversion

Improving retention is a crucial part of your search engine optimization and marketing. Keeping visitors on landing pages and getting them to explore other pages of your website is a key element in turning them into new business. Your SEO strategies help increase the exposure of your company as the crucial first step, but other elements are essential to accomplishing your goal. Designing visitor retention elements into your website is an essential part of your overall web optimization. Here are some of the top 5 factors that boost your online conversion:

Using SEO to Enhance Web Retention and Conversion – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

The experienced web professionals at our Twin Cities search engine optimization firm understand the complex strategies and psychology needed to keep visitors on your site and reduce your bounce rate. They use a combination of techniques to bring visitors to your website from Google and other search engines, and then keep those visitors on your site so your message gets seen. SEO is a powerful part of the complete web experience, and must be smoothly incorporated into a website that keeps visitors on the site so they can be converted to clients, customers and leads. Speak to an expert at Kick Ass SEO. We’ll analyze your current site and come up with a plan to help it boost your bottom line.