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There is no shortage of companies that claim they can optimize your website, but there is a real shortage of companies that can deliver long-lasting top rankings and high conversion. Over 95% of so-called “search engine optimization services” are worthless, cheap add-on packages offered by web design companies that don’t even have a high-ranking website themselves. Web designers have no training or experience in this highly specialized field, but they will not hesitate to tell you that they are the best choice in this important job even though they can’t optimize their own websites. Unfortunately, many Twin Cities business owners fall for the low-cost offers and equate low price with value. Betting your bottom line on the lowest bidder is a risky and expensive proposition. If you choose the wrong company to provide this crucial service, you may find yourself locked into an ineffective strategy that not only fails to generate any revenue or profit, but can even hurt your website rankings in the long term. Many business owners have come to us because they wasted a lot of money and time by believing the sky-high promises. There are two types of so-called SEO companies that every business needs to avoid:

Search Engine Optimization Company Minneapolis MN

How to Hire the Right Search Engine Optimization Company in Minnesota

It seems like that anyone who can spell SEO will tell you that he or she is a seasoned professional in this fast-changing, highly specialized field. Choosing a firm that can deliver long-term results can be a big challenge for a business owner. Here we provide some tips on how to make the right decision.

Minnesota Most Reputable Search Engine Optimization Company

Choosing the right SEO company is not an easy task for Twin Cities business owners. Over 95% of companies that claim to know search engine optimization only know a few outdated techniques. Even worse, some of the commonly used techniques by such agencies are considered spam and can draw penalties from Google, Bing or Yahoo. Put your internet marketing in the hands of a company that you can truly trust. Kick Ass SEO has a reputation that is second to none, and has greatly increased clients’ revenues and profits. Call us for a free analysis and consultation. We will be happy to provide ranking samples for both the local Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota market and national market. Our clients’ rankings are our best salesman.