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Looks can be very deceptive when it comes to web design. Two websites can look identical to human eyes, but they look totally different to search engines, with one ranking much higher than the other. When you choose a web design company in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, you need to be aware that making the wrong choice can seriously damage your Google rankings. Most web designers are graphic artists and have no training or experience in SEO. However, almost all of them claim that they know how to optimize websites and make sky-high promises to business owners. Very often, consultants at Kick Ass SEO find websites that can’t even be optimized without a complete redesign when analyzing websites of prospective clients. From the web pages’ coding to content, and from design layout to site architecture, such poorly designed websites make it every difficult for Google, Bing and Yahoo to extract the right information and rank them high. Many companies have wasted large amounts of money on building pretty, but useless websites. Working with a company that has extensive experience in building search engine friendly web sites is the only path to higher Google rankings, increased web traffic and stronger conversion.

Search Engine Optimization Minneapolis St Paul

Why Your Beautiful Website Doesn’t Work

SEO Company Minneapolis St Paul MN Web design technologies have evolved alongside search engines technologies. However, not all web design companies know how to apply the proper techniques that don’t not interfere with how Google, Yahoo and Bing read a web site. Many designers still build websites using technologies that were commonly used 10 years ago. Such websites are extremely difficult, or even impossible, to optimize for high rankings. Many business owners are surprised to learn that their new websites have to be completely rebuilt because search engines simply don’t understand them.

You may have a cool-looking website that you love, but don’t understand why no one can find it on Google and why it fails to generate few leads and sales. The reason is very simple: search engines don’t see what you see. Your website may have plenty of beautiful photos, fancy animation, rotating banners or soothing music. However, search engines couldn’t care less how pretty your website is and will not give you high rankings simply because your website looks nice.

Web designers are trained to create eye-pleasing artworks, but they lack the understanding of the inner workings of search engines. SEO integration is simply not what they are concerned about or capable of implementing. This is why your website may look way better than your competitors’, while theirs outrank yours all the time and do a better job in bringing in new customers and sales.

How Search Engines Understand Your Website

Search engine users conduct most searches through keyword phrases. Only web sites that are relevant to those keywords have a chance of getting ranked at the top. Based on the keywords they find at a website, Google, Bing and Yahoo decide how relevant the website is to the searches made by their users. It is the keywords and their placement on web pages, instead of pretty photos, that determine what search engines know about a website.

In order to tell search engines about your products and services, you need to have keyword-rich content that can be read by Google, Yahoo and Bing. But not all keywords are the same. The same keywords can carry different weight depending upon where on the web page or the website they are placed. If you put a keyword phrase at the top of a web page, it will be considered more important by search engines than if it is found near the bottom of the page. A big part of search engine optimization is to place the right keywords at the right locations on the right web pages.

What Do Search Engines Understand?

No matter how visually appealing your web site is, it can’t gain any sustained top rankings if search engine robots can’t understand it.

Web Design with SEO Focus Makes the Difference

A website designed for search engine optimization makes all of your content readable to Google, Bing and Yahoo. What that means is that every keyword or phrase appearing on your web pages becomes part of the search engine’s database for your site. As the Minnesota leader in web optimization, the highly skilled web designers at Kick Ass SEO incorporate the latest technology to make your website’s content completely visible to Google, Bing and Yahoo. At the same time, the website is designed to appeal visually to visitors and help them navigate smoothly and easily from page to page. The combination is ideal, both for SEO purposes and for visitor retention and conversion.

Our website designers work as a team to maximize the impact of your search optimization campaign. From design layout to keyword-rich content creation, every element is optimized for top rankings and high conversion. As the top web design and SEO firm in Minneapolis St. Paul, we specialize in creating websites that bring in visitors and keep them there, while turning them into new leads, clients and customers. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation analysis of your business website. Let us show you how we can turn it into a top performer.