Web Conversion Rate Optimization – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • How do you turn web traffic into leads and sales?
  • What motivates visitors to contact your company?
  • Why can’t your beautiful website impress potential customers?

If you think search engine optimization is the ticket to your business growth, you are already way ahead of those companies that still rely on old marketing tools like the Yellow Pages or newspaper ads. However, top Google rankings and increased traffic to your site do NOT guarantee more leads or sales. Search engine optimization doesn’t have much value unless you can turn the increased web traffic into real revenue.

Many business owners focus mainly on rankings without paying attention to how effectively their websites can sell. As more and more businesses join the competition for organic SEO and pay-per-click marketing, web traffic becomes more and more expensive. You may soon find yourself at a point where the return on your marketing is getting lower and lower. The key to maximize the return on your investment is to increase your visitor-to-customer conversion rate.

Why Web Conversion Should Be Your Ultimate Goal of Search Engine Marketing

On any given day, would you rather have 100 visitors and make 10 sales, or have 1,000 visitors and make 2 sales? Every visitor who comes to your website has the potential to become a customer, however, every one is just as likely to leave within 20 seconds for your competitors’ web sites.

When a visitor turns into a lead or paying customer, you get a conversion. You get the conversion rate by dividing the total of number of customers with the total number of visitors. The conversion rates of most websites fall in the range of 0.1-1.0%. That means that only 1 to 10 out of every 1,000 visitors become leads or customers, while the rest of the traffic is simply wasted. The more visitors you bring in, the more traffic is wasted. This is no different from turning up air conditioning on a hot summer day while leaving the doors and windows wide open.

If you do the math, it is not hard to figure out that every time you double your conversion rate, you double your sales and revenue. Doubling the online conversion rate is often much easier and less expensive than doubling the amount of traffic. Here are the top 3 proven ways for improving your online conversion.

Search Engine Optimization for High Online Conversion Rates – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Top search engine rankings should never come at the cost of high visitor-to-customer conversion. Instead, a solid SEO campaign should focus on converting the additional traffic into leads and revenue. Web traffic costs money and as the competition heats up, it can only get more expensive to attract new visitors. Without a solid strategy in generating the maximum revenue from search traffic, a business will see diminishing returns from its investment. As a leading search engine optimization and marketing firm in Minneapolis St. Paul, the conversion experts at Kick Ass SEO have the skills and experience to get your internet marketing on the right track. Contact us today for a free website analysis and get started on your road to website success.