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The team of SEO consultants, web designers and content copywriters at Kick Ass SEO has been creating and optimizing business websites since the internet began. We know that businesses in Minnesota and across the nation need services that produce solid revenues and profits. Our long history of helping businesses generate new leads, sales and customers is the basis for our strong reputation.

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If you want your website to bring in new leads, contacts and sales, it needs to be noticed by your potential customers and clients. That’s what SEO is all about. But that’s not the whole story. Your site also needs to keep visitors interested and help them find the information they look for. Only then will they take action to choose your business. We can help make that happen. Contact Kick Ass SEO today for a free analysis of your current website’s optimization, design and content. We’ll give you the honest facts you need to make the right decisions. We’ll answer your questions and propose a project to boost your site’s performance and impact.