Social Media Marketing or SEO? – Making the Right Choice for More Profits

  • Does spending your marketing budget on social media efforts make sense?
  • Do you need a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?
  • Will your potential customers and clients find your business on social media?

Regardless of what business you’re in or how large or small your operation is, your budget for marketing and advertising is limited. How you allocate funds is a crucial decision. Everyone recognizes now that using the internet to attract new customers and clients is the only strategy that works effectively, but internet and search engine marketing has become more and more complex. Looking forward, every business needs to choose the most productive way to promote its products and services online.

Your business already has a website. Maybe it’s not generating the number of leads and sales you expected. Perhaps it’s not getting first-page rankings on Google. You’re hearing constant buzz about Facebook or Twitter marketing. You’re wondering if you should invest in Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns. Or should you invest in search engine and conversion optimization? Before you make a choice, there are some tough questions you need to ask.

Powerful SEO Service – Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Marketing buzz and hype sell nothing. Promises from social media “experts” about “branding” and “social presence” won’t grow your profit. High traffic and great conversion rates on business websites have demonstrated their value for all business types. That’s what our team of web designers, SEO consultants and copywriters has proven, time and time again. Ask us for concrete examples of what we have achieved for our clients. Before you spend another dollar on useless social media marketing, contact us. Let us an in-depth evaluation and propose a comprehensive search engine-based, customer-oriented SEO marketing plan. Our initial analysis and proposal costs you nothing. Our proven results are how we market our services.