Organic SEO vs. Pay Per Click AdWords

  • How do organic web optimization and pay-per-click advertising work together?
  • Can Google Adwords get new visitors to my website fast?
  • Should you manage your AdWords campaigns yourself?

Both organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising can be very effective if they are implemented properly. As the paid ads become more prominent in Google search listings, it is important to include AdWords in your marketing strategy to supplement organic traffic. For those business owners who haven’t done either, there are many puzzling questions. Which campaign is good for long-term investment? Which is less expensive? Which works faster? Which captures more keyword searches? How can your company stay ahead of competition?

If your budget allows, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of both organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. The pay-per-click advertising should be focused primarily on Google AdWords because of its dominance. However, if you have budget constraints and need to choose one or the other, here are some considerations that may help you make an educated decision:

Integration of AdWords Pay-Per-Click with Organic SEO – Minneapolis St Paul, MN

Both search engine optimization and pay-per-click have unique advantages. If your budget allows, it’s best to integrate both into your marketing strategy. Kick Ass SEO has helped many clients with both organic search engine optimization and Google AdWords PPC campaigns, with great results. We provide top-ranking SEO and cost-effective PPC management for companies in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota and across the country. Contact us, and our experts will provide the best options that maximize your marketing effectiveness.