Local SEO for Google Business Listings – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • What is a Google Business Listing and how do you get one?
  • Who will see your listing and where?
  • How can you make your Google Business Listing more effective?

What if Google gave you a free listing that helped your company grow? What’s the catch? You might not be aware of it, but Google has started creating free listings for businesses already. If your company has a brick and mortar location and a website, you probably already have such a listing. It appears when local customers search for your business by name or use Google maps, or search for nearby businesses on mobile devices. Google has automated the creation of these listing based on information available on your website. Our time-tested local SEO service helps improve your Google Business Listing’s rankings and attract more potential customers for your company.

For the last 5-8 years, Google has been pushing to provide more relevant local information about businesses to its users. The Google Business Listings are placed above organic search results, making them increasingly important for companies that want to reach out to more customers. The good news is that your listing is free. However, your free listing may not be accurate and might not reflect exactly what you do. If left touched, your listing may not show up at all. In contrast, those optimized local listings rank higher and have a better chance of converting potential customers into leads and sales. As the Twin Cities leading national and local SEO company, we want to help you understand how local SEO works and how your free listing can perform even better to help grow your bottom line.

Complete Local SEO Marketing Services with Proven Performance – Twin Cities, MN

Since the internet first appeared on computer monitors, our team has been helping businesses in the Minneapolis St. Paul area put the power of internet marketing to work. Through user-oriented website design, research-based SEO, AdWords pay-per-click advertising and neuromarketing expertise, we’ve provided our clients with comprehensive service. Our results are proven through increased sales, leads, and increased revenues. As the internet has changed, we’ve not only kept up with those changes, but have anticipated them, giving our clients the competitive edge. At very affordable rates, we’ve already helped many clients maximize the performance of their local SEO. Contact us today and let us show you how we can enhance your search engine marketing success.