Google Local Search Optimization – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

  • Should you manage your own Google Business Listing?
  • How do you increase the rankings of your listing through local SEO?
  • How can a local SEO firm help you increase your listing’s exposure?

With the introduction of Google Business Listing, small businesses now have a new tool to attract customers and increase revenues. Best of all, the listing is absolutely FREE! Google is creating listings for businesses it knows about or you can register your business with Google. Incorporating information about all aspects of business operations, these new listings appear when users search on Google. Optimized for mobile devices, listings are highly localized and are having an increasing impact on internet marketing. Google lets businesses to customize those listings. Once a business claims or creates its listing, it can use an intuitive dashboard to add features, monitor performance and even interact with customers. All of this comes at no cost.

Optimizing your local listing makes it more effective, though, takes time. Adding seasonal and special offer posts, descriptions, and service entries is essential to getting more exposure to potential customers. Monitoring performance, responding to customer reviews, and keeping up with expected new features are also time consuming. With time always at a premium for most business owners and managers, many companies will simply ignore this promising opportunity. Local businesses that take full advantage of our local SEO will have a leg up on their competitors. As the leading SEO, web design and neuromarketing company in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, we are now offering search optimization for your local Google Business listing. We’ll do all the work at very affordable rates. You’ll profit from the benefits. Here are six optimization steps that can help turn your free local listing into a powerhouse marketing asset:

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In the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, our reputation for helping clients achieve success with their overall internet marketing strategies is unmatched. Our talented, experienced team is at your command for user experience-oriented web design, scientific search engine and conversion optimization and pay-per-click AdWords campaign management. Our neuromarketing expertise is unique, since we are led by a neuroscientist. With the addition of local search optimization, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive marketing solutions to our clients. The businesses we serve attest to our success, and we’ll be happy to show you proof of performance. Call us today for a FREE, no-obligation comprehensive evaluation. We’ll give you a frank, honest assessment, along with proposals and price quotes for a range of services.