How Search Engine Optimization Works

  • How is a web site optimized for target keywords?
  • What SEO mistakes limit your rankings and conversion?
  • Does your website offer any real advice to your potential customers?

To learn how SEO works, you need to understand how users conduct searches at Google, Bing and Yahoo. Regardless of what users are looking for, they primarily type in keywords or questions. For instance, if you are looking for an SEO company in the Twin Cities, you may type: “Minneapolis SEO” or “search engine optimization MN.” Based on users’ queries, search engines need to find websites that are most relevant to the intention of the queries, along with content that educates and informs the users. To achieve this goal, search engines first have to find out what keywords and content a website contains. If a web site doesn’t have useful information rich in relevant keywords, Google, Bing or Yahoo won’t rank it high. Most low-ranking websites result from the lack of understanding of search queries and questions by potential customers. Very often, such websites have little valuable information that serves to educate visitors about products or services.

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How to Inform Search Engines About Your Products and Services

You may have seen some websites that were written in awkward language and stuffed with keywords. These websites were created mostly by SEO companies that apply unethical techniques to manipulate rankings. Any high rankings obtained this way are short-lived. Plus, the poorly structured content eventually fails on converting visitors to leads and sales. As a leading search engine optimization service company in Minneapolis St. Paul, the professionals at Kick Ass SEO incorporate your target keywords into content that is written naturally so that they maximize your rankings as well as conversion.

Boost Your Company’s Credibility and Authenticity

What makes you recommend a product or service to a friend? You make the recommendation because you trust the quality of the product or the service. What makes Google list a website at the top of its search results? It must have enough confidence that the site is highly relevant to what the user looks for. More importantly, it must have enough trust in the site in order to rank a site highly.

None of the major search engines employs human editors to verify the accuracy of each website that it finds. They get to know about a website by finding out how many websites on the internet have links pointing to the website being ranked. Each link from another website is called a backlink. Each backlink serves as a vote of confidence. The more genuine backlinks that a website has, the more confidence Google, Bing and Yahoo have in the site. A big part of search engine optimization is to build good, relevant backlinks that enhance your website’s credibility. However, link spam has been widely used by companies that look for quick gains. In recent years, Google, Bing and Yahoo have rolled out new algorithms that strongly discourage this type of unethical practice. If your rankings and traffic took a dive recently, there is a good chance that your website has spammy backlinks. If that is the case, call Kick Ass SEO and we can help you correct the problem.

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Want to learn more about how marketing through top Google rankings can give your business the needed boost? Talk with one of our SEO experts in the Twin Cities area. We will explain the whole process and make you understand what needs to be done to beat your competition. Contact Kick Ass SEO now for a free, no-obligation analysis of your business website. Let us show you how our optimization services can give you the high search engine rankings you must have for success with your internet marketing.