Why SEO Is Crucial to Your Minnesota Business

  • How does search engine optimization compare to Yellow Pages ads?
  • Why is Facebook and Twitter marketing so worthless?
  • What is the cost of customer acquisition for search engine marketing?

When the internet first became a reality in the mid 1990s, online marketing was only at its infancy. For many businesses in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, a website was just an afterthought, and wasn’t really expected to generate new leads or sales. Traditional marketing, like Yellow Pages ads, TV and Radio commercials, and newspaper ads were the workhorses of marketing for local service providers. National and global companies relied on magazine advertising and television commercials, along with other marketing strategies. Those days are long gone.

Today, the internet is the prime mover of marketing, and websites are the most effective way to reach out to potential customers. What that means is that your website has to stay highly competitive in order for your company to survive and thrive. If your competitors dominate on Google, Bing and Yahoo, they will take away your potential customers. It’s that simple. Search engine optimization is the key to building your customer base and an essential part of your marketing strategy.

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Excellence in SEO Service for Minneapolis St. Paul Businesses

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