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For far too many business websites, content has never been a major concern. It’s common to see a great-looking website with content that is poorly-written by amateur writers. Most web sites have content with no continuity of style or intent. As your most important salesperson, content talks directly to your potential customers and communicates with them about your message. One of the fastest ways you can send a website visitor to your competitor is to treat the web content as an afterthought. When you invest in search engine optimization to get more quality traffic, this is even more important, since including relevant keywords and phrases has to be done in a way that makes the content read naturally to both visitors and search engines. Google can only read a website by extracting the keywords and meaning from it. No matter how beautifully your graphic design is, Google can’t see it the way human visitors can. Some of the misconceptions about hiring non-professional writers include:

Professional Web Copywriting for Effective SEO – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

What separates your website from your competitors’ is not a cool logo or a fancy animation. Instead, it is the useful, informative content that educates your visitors about your services or products and about your business. Web visitors WILL read, as long as they find something worth reading. Kick Ass SEO has the best copywriters in Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota, who have been writing and editing marketing and web content for over 30 years. Our copywriting service will help you create the content that will turn your website into your very best salesperson. Contact us today to discuss your SEO content needs. We’ll help you create a website that meets your goals.