Does Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign Really Work?

  • How do you tell whether your web site is well optimized?
  • What does it take to beat your competition and attract more customers?
  • How do you monitor your web performance and visitor behavior?

Many business owners in the Minneapolis St. Paul area are aware of search engine optimization as an effective marketing tool, but don’t really know whether their own website is optimized or how they can gauge its performance. How well your organic SEO is working is crucial information. Do you know what keywords your web site ranks for? Do you know how many visitors find your web site everyday at Google? Do you know how long those visitors stay and explore your web pages? Do you know which web pages are viewed most often? How often do you check your website analytics information? Do you have ways of tracking your traffic-to-lead conversion?

If you haven’t checked out your own website, you may want to start doing it. If you’re like most business owners, you already use Google to look for products and services, but you may not have checked thoroughly to see whether your targeted customers can find your business on Google. Here are some simple ways you can check the effectiveness of your current search engine optimization quickly, without the need for site analytics or other tools:

Are Your Competitors Taking Your Customers and Clients?

During these simple Google tests of your website’s rankings, you may discover that your competitors’ websites are listed much higher than yours. They may also appear near the top of search listings, while your own website doesn’t rank at all. If this is the case, there’s no time to delay. You need effective web optimization and marketing, created by an experienced, proven SEO company. Without it, your share of the limited pool of potential customers and clients will continue to shrink, while your competitors prosper. A website that can’t be found is a waste of money. In contrast, a highly ranked web site works as your sales team tirelessly around the clock. A well-planned and well-implemented SEO campaign can turn the tables on this situation and boost your revenue and profit.

Kick Ass Search Engine Marketing in Minnesota

The simple tests described above are just the beginning. As the leading search engine optimization and marketing company in Minneapolis St. Paul, the professionals at Kick Ass SEO use the very latest website analytics tools to learn much more about your website and to guide the implementation of search engine optimization. Our experience and research, along with our knowledge of ranking algorithms lets us optimize your website and get the top rankings you need for success. Our proven record of success with a wide range of businesses is your assurance that we can get results for you. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation analysis of your website. Let us show you how our organic SEO services can dramatically improve your bottom line.